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ContinuoUs Improvement Awareness Training


This 1-day training program for HVAC Duct Manufacturers provides participants with an overview of ContinuoUs Improvement concepts, tools and techniques to enable them to unleash the full potential of their team, propelling employee and customer satisfaction to new heights. The course will also present the essential elements, develop a common language where everyone is on the same page, and create the necessary excitement for the team to deploy a successful ContinuoUs Improvement program within the organization.

Duration: 1 Day

Target Audience: All staff under the roof.

Program Objectives:

The program aims to provide an overview of:

  • Key Concepts of ContinuoUs Improvement

  • Developing Lean Eyes

  • ContinuoUs Improvement Tools and Techniques

  • The Roles, Responsibilities and Skill Set for Each Member of a ContinuoUs Improvement Program

  • Consideration of ContinuoUs Improvement Deployment Critical Issues, Implementation Strategies, and Lessons Learned

  • Key Ingredients for ContinuoUs Improvement Implementation Success

  • Roles & Responsibilities of a CI Culture

Program Outline:

  • The origins and key concepts of ContinuoUs Improvement

  • Overview of fundamental ContinuoUs Improvement Tools & Techniques needed to be successful

  • A common language of Lean terminology

  • Understand the What and Why of ContinuoUs Improvement

  • Building the case for ContinuoUs Improvement at your company

  • Organizational Changes Required for Successful ContinuoUs Improvement Implementation

  • Critical Issues and Implementation Strategies for ContinuoUs Improvement Deployment

  • Learning how to ask good questions

  • Practical Problem Solving Skills

  • Roles, Responsibilities and Skill Set for Each Member of a Successful ContinuoUs Improvement Program

  • Key Steps to Getting Started

  • Key Success Factors

  • Value of ContinuoUs Improvement Peer Groups.

Program Cost:

Regular Price = $3,500 + Travel Expenses

Member Discounted Price = $2,000 + Travel Expenses.

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