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Associate Members must be an employee of a company that is engaged in providing equipment, software, raw material and/or supplies and accessories to companies that are primarily focused on the manufacturing of HVAC duct for resale to commercial HVAC mechanical contractors.



Annual Meetings:

Associate Members will be able to attend the Annual meeting of the Alliance.

Meeting Sponsorships:

Associate Members will be eligible to sponsor events during the Annual Meeting of the Alliance.

Factory Tours:

Associate Members will have opportunities to offer tours of their facilities to groups of Alliance Members when Annual Meetings are held in their area.





Associate Members commit to keep confidential all access to Alliance material and content. Associate Members will not share any ideas learned from Full Members without the express written consent of Members involved in development of shared ideas.

Associate Membership Dues:

Associate Members agree to pay the $1,000 Annual dues via automatic credit card payment upon joining the Alliance and annually on January 1st of each year.

Optional Benefits:


Our Continuous Improvement Philosophy, Training and Coaching applies well to any business, and every business has waste within it that can be eliminated. Waste is anything that does not add value to your customer. If you are interested in learning how to eliminate waste in your organization, we can help.

Continuous Improvement Training

Please see the Training page if you are interested in having one of our CI Experts come to your company to do onsite training for your team.

One - 2 - One Coaching

1-2-1 Coaching of your team is available after your team has gone through the Training courses offered by the HVACDMA. The coaching will be provided by the CI expert that lead the training at your facility. The coaching included 1 hour per week for the Coach with your team via video conference. This will allow your team to stay motivated and focused on the process of Continuous Improvement. The coach will hold your team accountable to implementing the processes and procedures that the team comes up with.

*Fee for the 1 Hour Weekly Coaching is $1,000 per month.


Associate Membership

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