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Spiral metallic duct pipe

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A Full Member of the Alliance must be a company that is primarily engaged in the manufacturing of HVAC duct for resale to HVAC mechanical contractors.


The benefits of Full Membership are access to ContinuoUs Improvement Training, Weekly 1-on-1 Coaching, and a Weekly CI Masterminding Group with 3 to 5 geographically diverse HVAC Duct Manufacturing Companies.



Full Members commit to engaging in ContinuoUs Improvement Training, attending the weekly CI Group virtual meetings & engaging in weekly 1-on-1 coaching.


Members commit to keep all discussions and improvements made within the individual group confidential.


Members will agree to implement the Standard Operating Procedures agreed upon by the individual groups.


Members agree to have their team go through the Awareness and Champion Training prior to participation in a Mastermind Group

Full Membership Dues:

Members agree to pay the $1,500 monthly* dues via automatic credit card payment.

* For companies with multiple facilities, the monthly dues are per facility

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Like-minded companies who want to get better together.


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