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Champions are those who steer and support the entire ContinuoUs Improvement program toward business and operational objectives. They actively support the ContinuoUs Improvement program and continually work to remove roadblocks to project success. They are committed to building a ContinuoUs Improvement culture, both through their actions and their leadership.

This course is designed to provide Champions with the overall information needed to implement the ContinuoUs Improvement program. Cultural and management issues are reviewed. Strategic breakthrough problems are addressed in order to overcome barriers to implementation.

This course provides a detailed overview of ContinuoUs Improvement concepts, tools and techniques to enable Champions to understand how the tools and techniques are deployed to drive a successful ContinuoUs Improvement program. “Soft” issues are also reviewed such as making ContinuoUs Improvement part of everyday practice, leading the change and empowering the team, winning the hearts and minds of the people and supporting the creation of a management system that will sustain ContinuoUs Improvement efforts over time.

This is a practical and thought provoking “how-to” oriented workshop. The training will include participant exercises, video clips and the sharing of real-life examples of ContinuoUs Improvement deployment.

Duration: 2 Days

Target Audience:
Identified leaders, Senior and Mid-Level Management staff of HVAC Duct Manufacturing companies.


Program Objectives:

This course aims to provide participants with:

  • Understanding of the ContinuoUs Improvement Mindset

  • A ContinuoUs Improvement roadmap

  • Knowledge needed to achieve improvement

  • Understanding of the infrastructure and support required

  • Methodologies to identify and review projects

  • A practical approach to metrics

  • Tools and techniques for ContinuoUs Improvement

  • A resource library to start the CI journey

Program Outline:

  • Role of the Champion

  • Leadership and Change Management

  • Adjusting the Culture to ContinuoUs Improvement

  • Overview of ContinuoUs Improvement Tools

  • Developing a ContinuoUs Improvement Roadmap

  • Planning a ContinuoUs Improvement Program

  • Organizing for a ContinuoUs Improvement Program

  • Selecting and Managing Projects

  • Identifying Teams and the Roles of Team Members

  • Project Management

  • Performance Metrics

  • Effective Deployment of ContinuoUs Improvement Tools

  • Implementation of Success Factors

  • How to Create Sustainable ContinuoUs Improvement

Program Cost:

Regular Price = $5,000 + Travel Expenses

Member Discount Price = $3,500 + Travel Expenses.

ContinuoUs Improvement Champion Training

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