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Graham Johnson

CI Expert & Coach

Growing up, Graham earned his allowance not just by mowing the lawn but by reading and reporting on leadership and personal development books. This developed in him a burning passion for the process of continuous improvement, not only in his personal development but in his professional life. Pursuit of these values has afforded Graham the opportunity to work in a wide variety of roles with innovative companies who share the same passions and ideals. 

Graham has over a decade of hands-on experience in lean manufacturing leadership in multiple industries. As a teenager working in manufacturing, he rose through the ranks by championing Lean efforts. He then took his practical knowledge and experience to the office where he cut lead times & increased productivity by over 75%. With nearly five years in the HVAC duct manufacturing industry, Graham brings a practical & relevant approach to lean manufacturing and continuous improvement.

In addition to his expertise in continuous improvement, Graham has spent the last three years teaching leadership & communication skills to business leaders on the West Coast. His people-centric approach to leadership along with his focus on operational excellence & lean manufacturing were foundational to the development of our unique ContinuoUs Improvement system.

portrait of Graham Johnson


  • Bellingham, Washington



  • Danaë, wife, and sons Leland (14), Jude (12) & Gaelen (9)



  • Being a husband & father

  • Mountain biking

  • Making music

  • Traveling "off the beaten path"

  • Serving in church

  • Drinking craft beer & strong coffee

  • Seeking new things

  • His family motto is "Leave people better than you found them" and together with his family, he looks for ways to get just a little bit better every day.

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