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Engage Your Employees, Improve Your Processes And Reduce Your Costs

Onsite Training

We'll come to your facility and train your team to get the most out of ContinuoUs Improvement

Mastermind Groups

Experience community and share best practices in a cohort of other manufacturers in different markets

1:1 Coaching

Keep the momentum going and get the support you need from seasoned CI experts

Revolutionize Your HVAC Duct Manufacturing Through ContinuoUs Improvement

Why You Need The Duct Manufacturers Alliance

Running your business is hard work, especially in a competitive field like duct manufacturing.

Costs Are Increasing

You know there should be more money, but staying one step ahead of growing labor and material costs is no easy task.

Competitors Are Lurking

There is always another business lurking around the corner trying to steal your livelihood.

Employees Are Leaving

When Employees are not engaged, they are ready to jump ship, or worse, they just show up for a paycheck.

Stress Levels Are Rising

Between customers screaming at you and fuzzy lead times, your head is about to explode.

You shouldn't have to be alone on an island to solve these problems.

The Duct Manufacturers Alliance supports like-minded companies who want to get better, together.

Watch this video to learn more!

"Benchmarking our manufacturing processes against Peers in our industry has been paramount in showing us where we are doing well, and where we can improve. Prior to benchmarking, we thought we were doing awesome. Little did we realize how much we could improve. These processes have led to massive improvements in throughput and profitability." Bob Brumleu, OmniDuct

The HVAC Duct Manufacturing Alliance Was Founded By Industry Veterans









Introduction Conversation

We start with a simple conversation to understand your unique business and to see if we are a good fit for each other.


Become a Member

Join a Mastermind Group of like minded business owners and watch your business grow.


Increase Efficiencies

Stop feeling alone and start reaping the benefits of being part of a unique mastermind group that is tailored to our industry.

Two men working in a factory

Many duct manufacturers don't consistently get the results they're looking for. At the HVAC Duct Manufacturers Alliance, we use ContinuoUs Improvement Training, Peer Mastermind Groups, and One-to-One Coaching to empower owners to engage their employees, improve their processes and reduce their costs.

Hear What Others Are Saying About The Duct Manufacturers Alliance

David Capestany Zinger.jpg

David Capestany

Zinger Sheet Metal

"There was a lot of “us against them” between our shop and the office, making it very difficult to make improvements; we were stuck. We implemented ContinuoUs Improvement training with the HVAC Duct Manufacturers Alliance, and now our employees are more engaged, solving problems on their own, and now it feels like we're all on the same team."


Craig Hennemuth

Hennemuth Metal Fabricators

"Sometimes you need a kick in the butt – I needed one. Since joining the HVAC Duct Manufacturers Alliance, we’ve made significant improvements to our processes which are showing up in the bottom line. My team is on board and looking for ways to improve, streamline and make things easier. Having a group of like-minded people keeps me motivated and accountable to step up to the plate. I’m more confident in where we’re headed."


Dave Simpson

Tin Man Sheet Metal

"After one month, this is already more successful than anything else we’ve tried, and the improvements we’ve made have stuck! The Best thing about this is the accountability. Nobody wants to go back to the group with nothing to show. This keeps you going."

What Happens When You Join The Duct Manufactures Alliance

You start running your business instead of the business running you.

Business man seated at desk
Smiling technician giving thumbs up

You empower your employees to become part of the solution.

people smiling and shaking hands

You get better customers that want to work with you.

person typing on laptop computer displaying graphics

You increase profitability and become more competitive.

“We believe that we’re all in this together, and we can help each other become so efficient in our operations, it will actually cause a shift in the market such that it will no longer make financial sense for mechanical contractors to manufacture their own ductwork. This will uplift our industry, creating more business for everyone.”

Bob Brumleu - CEO, Omniduct.

Our Promise to You

We will hold members accountable to making the improvements agreed upon by the group

We will never include local competitors in your group

We will always keep confidentiality within the group

We will never include installation contractors in the Mastermind Groups

We will always help you implement ContinuoUs Improvement

We will always hold you accountable so you don’t lose focus on the goal

You don’t have to continue to try to solve

your business issues on your own.

Join the HVAC Duct Manufacturers Alliance and start your journey toward predictable and consistent results.

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